17 March 2020

Dear esteemed clients and friends,

Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Malaysian government’s imposition of a ‘Restricted Movement Order’ from 18th March 2020 until 14th April 2020 – which are now affecting much of our daily lives, we wish to assure our clients that it is Business As Usual and we at Azmi & Associates are committed to continue our operations throughout the duration of this public health crisis.

Azmi & Associates has a comprehensive business continuity plan that ensures our Firm’s continued operation and uninterrupted service to our clients. In the event of an office closure or other disruption, we are fully equipped to work remotely in a technologically secure environment.

We have been monitoring this issue for some time, and our Firm has implemented measures to ensure our continuous and uninterrupted service such as establishing a task force to assist our clients during this uncertain time.

Insofar as our dealings with government offices and courts, we will be bound by the closure notice of the same and hence, some delay in completing the transactions which we are managing, may be expected. We appreciate your kind understanding on this matter.

Our hope is that the duration of this COVID-19 pandemic will be limited, but regardless of how long it lasts, we have ample resources to service our clients and keep our people safe. Our lawyers will continue to be accessible via e-mail and phone.

We value your partnership, friendship and trust and look forward to continuing to serve you.

We wish safety and good health to everyone.

Thank you.


Warm regards,

Dato’ Azmi Mohd Ali

Senior Partner


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