Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is a complex and fast-changing industry that touches all aspects organization, financing and delivery of healthcare services. It is an area of industry that links ethical and legal relationships among patients, medicine consumers, doctors, drug manufacturers, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies whereby the common denominator of these relationships is human life and health, thus subject to high degree of legal compliance by regulations.

Our team of experts in the healthcare and pharmaceutical area are providing a wide range of legal advisory and services in the field of healthcare and pharmaceutical law to various healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical companies by consulting them on corporate and specific regulatory issues regarding manufacturing, regulatory compliance, funding, patent and intellectual property, development and financing, delivery and packaging, as well as healthcare disputes and litigations.

Our range of services:

  • Application for licenses, permits and approvals related to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry from the relevant authorities
  • Determine the corporate structure related to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry
  • Providing advisory work
  • Identifying legal risk assessments
  • Corporate compliance for the entities in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry
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