Administrative & Constitutional

Administrative, Constitutional & Legislative Advisory

Azmi & Associates offer a pool of regional expertise in the areas of legislative advisory and drafting which includes providing advice on administrative, constitutional and public law.

From our past experience, we have been engaged in providing our services to clients in both the public and private sectors on a wide range of matters under the administrative, constitutional and public law in Malaysia, covering both social and political aspects of the law. Some of our key engagements include the reviewing and amending of Malaysian Aviation laws, the National Land Code, Strata Titles Act 1985, Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia’s Feed-In Approval & Feed-In Tariff Rules as well as drafting a new legislation for a public company to regulate best practice urban development in Malaysia.

Our range of services:

•    Drafting new laws and amendments to existing laws;
•    Analysis on gaps in existing laws and indentification of challenges in implementing legislative reforms;
•    Benchmarking exercise against similar laws implemented in other countries;
•    Stakeholder Consultation;
•    Judicial review;
•    Statutory appeals;
•    Advice on application of laws and regulations; and
•    Interpretation of the constitution.

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