Probate & Trusts

Probate & Trusts

This area of practice has to do with the distribution of a deceased person’s property and the management of their assets following their death. In Malaysia, the management of probate and trust shall deal separately by Muslim or non-Muslim as the law states so.

Our firm has a reputable reputation in providing legal services involving probate and trust matters and disputes by representing the interests of beneficiaries, executors, trustees, administrators and other fiduciaries. The firm’s services include the drafting of wills, the distribution of assets in accordance with the wills, the creation of a variety of trusts and advisory on probate and trust administration.

Our range of services:

  • Probate & trust dispute
  • Preparation of will
  • Distribution of assets of the death to the beneficiaries for Muslim and Non-Muslim
  • Creation of trusts
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