Regulatory Compliance & Licensing

Regulatory Compliance & Licensing

Regulatory and licensing compliance issued by the Malaysian government is one of the crucial keys to clients (local or international) to establish its existence in Malaysia.

Our firm has a long-standing reputation in serving its clients with adequate knowledge and excellent legal services on various aspects of regulatory compliance and licensing concerning the laws and regulations in Malaysia, among others, providing services in relation to the application of relevant licenses, permit or approval to the relevant Malaysian authorities, preparing the relevant policies, guidelines, corporate governance and corporate structures of the entities, advisory and more.

Our range of services:

  • Application for licenses, permits and approvals from the relevant authorities
  • Preparing/reviewing of policies, guidelines and corporate structures
  • Providing advisory work
  • Due diligence on compliance issues
  • Procurement and land issues
  • Engaging with the relevant authorities
  • Identifying legal risk assessments
  • Drawing up compliance programmes
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