6 March 2020

Azmi & Associates had participated as the platinum sponsor in the Legal Executive Apprentice Programme (LEAP) organised by the University of Malaya’s Law Faculty. LEAP is an initiative of the UM Law Society aimed at, amongst others, providing opportunities for legal firms and companies to scout around potential law students to undergo their internship programme and pupillage training at the participating firms/companies.

Its objective is to also provide law students opportunity to explore prospective careers within the many fields in the legal industry.

To kickstart the program, a speed-interview was conducted on 6.3.2020, as the first of several sessions which include interviewing potential interns. The next sessions will involve interviewing potential pupils, providing legal talk, organising workshops, networking sessions between the students and the legal firms as well as industrial visit to law firms.

We at Azmi & Associates are proud to be involved in any opportunity of empowering legal students with invaluable practical knowledge to better prepare them for the real scene once they have completed their studies.

Congratulations to the University of Malaya Law Society for organising such notable event which is into its second consecutive year.


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