SME Corp Talk by Philip Teoh

On 29 November 2022, Philip Teoh was invited as a guest speaker for SME Corp’s Program Lonjakan SCORE 1.0 Closing Symposium. This was organised by the SME Corporation Malaysia. Companies that participated in this SCORE  programme are mostly small and start-up companies.

For the benefit of these companies, they need to be aware of the risks involved in international trade. International Trade drives the Malaysian Economy.

In both events, Philip spoke on the managing of risks in international trade. SMEs, freight forwarding, and logistic companies will engage in Import and Export as part of their business. From these seminars, the pitfalls, or risks that the traders will encounter and what are the steps they can take to minimize and address them are all discussed.

Members are also actively participating in the seminar, taking the opportunity to share the issues they had encountered in international trading. This discussion is important, considering how international risks are becoming more prevalent due to, for example, the pandemic, leading to many changes in international and national laws on import and export.

Considering the importance of risk management and mitigation in international trade, Philip wrote an article on this topic which is published in this AzmiLaw newsletter.


Corporate Communications
Azmi & Associates
30 November 2022

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