Luqman Hakim Jam Sari Muhamad

Luqman Hakim Jam Sari Muhamad has recently graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with a LL.B (Hons).

He has undergone an internship with Messrs Mohd Irwan Mohd Mubarak in September 2020. During the tenure of internship, he was actively involved in legal research, drafting cause papers, preparing bundles and other support legal operations. He has also given the opportunity to work with the supervisors from various departments specifically General Litigation, Conveyancing and Shariah.

He has led numerous teams for managing events during his study ranging from university to the International level, inter alia, as the Head of Media Relation for International 8th Muslim World Biz Business and Conference Zone and the Head of Public Relation for International Islamic Unity Convention (ICON). He was offered the post of Secretary General for Al-Faruq College Representative Committee in 2018.

Further, he was also an active volunteer working with the NGOs for various target beneficiaries. He was also entrusted with the position of Executive Committee in 2020 and later elevated as the Vice President in 2021 of the same volunteering club.

He is currently attached to the Financial Services Practice Group under the supervision of our Managing Partner, Ahmad Lutfi Abdull Mutalip.


Luqman Hakim Jam Sari Muhamad


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