Izzati Asyiqin Adzhar

Izzati Asyiqin Adzhar graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with a First Class LL.B (Hons) in 2019. Having a keen interest in corporate and commercial laws, she later pursued LL.M in Business Law in International Islamic University Malaysia and graduated in 2020 where she was awarded as the Best Student for Master of Laws programme session 2019/2020.

She was exposed mostly to corporate and commercial courses such as Mergers and Acquisition, Corporate Finance, Corporate Law, Commercial and Consumer Law, Securities Law, Taxation Law etc. She was also exposed to courses on Islamic Law contracts and transactions.  During her postgraduate studies, she wrote several research papers and case studies such as “Analysis on Taxation of Illegal Income in Malaysia, New Zealand and United Kingdom”, “Case Study on Declaration of Dividend of Lembaga Tabung Haji (LTH) and Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT)”, “Examining the Protection of Shareholders in Schemes of Arrangement and Compulsory Acquisition of Shares” and “Case Study: Boardroom Tussle in Protasco Berhad and Med-Bumikar Mara Sdn Bhd.”

During her undergraduate year, she was attached to Messrs. Faizah Aishah Rahman & Associates as a legal intern in 2018. She undergone her internship with Puan Aishah Dato’ Abdul Rahman. During the tenure of the internship, she has explored mainly litigation and conveyancing work. She carried out several research tasks to help the partners to draft legal arguments in some ongoing cases. She was also taught to draft legal document in most litigation cases.

Some of her notable assignments during his tenure in Azmi & Associates include:

• Assisted in advising, drafting and reviewing Share Sale Agreement;

• Assisted in reviewing and drafting of a number of Sale and Purchase Agreement;

• Assisted in reviewing and drafting of a number of Lease, Tenancy and Sub tenancy Agreement; and

• Assisted in drafting of Supplier Agreement and Distribution Agreement.

She underwent her pupillage at our JB Office under the supervision of Partner, Syed Muhammad Ridza Syed Abdullah. She was also exposed to corporate matters under our Senior Partner, Dato’ Azmi Mohd Ali.

She is currently part of the Senior Partner’s Office under the supervision of our Senior Partner, Dato’ Azmi Mohd Ali.


Izzati Asyiqin Adzhar


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