Fatin Syaheera Mohd Zuki

Fatin Syaheera Mohd Zuki graduated from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) with LLB (Hons) Upper Second Class in 2020.

Previously, she was a Judicial Clerk in the Research Unit, Chief Registrar’s Office Federal Court Malaysia from October 2020 until May 2021. During her service as a Judicial Clerk, she assisted the apex court judges in legal research and drafting preliminary opinion for public interest cases. She also worked together with the Research Unit in legal research and opinion drafting as well as other administrative works.

She was an active student participating in various events organized by UiTM and others such as being the committee member in the Conveyancing for Dummies Seminar in 2018, Novice Arbitration Mooting Competition (NAMCO) in 2017, and the UiTM Mock Trial: Genesis in 2016.

She has passion in Administrative and Constitutional Law. She has been seconded to Prudenz Corporatehouse, a corporate secretarial services company.


Fatin Syaheera Mohd Zuki


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+603 2110 5888

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+6017 322 4621


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