Azmi & Associates Received a Visit from ALSA Indonesia

On 31st July, Azmi & Associates were pleased to receive students from Universitas Hasanuddin (Makassar), Indo-nesia. The visit was part of a 5-days ALSA Legal Visit, which is used as a means of adding information, legal insights and developing mindsets. Azmi & Associates were the only law firm that received a visit from ALSA Indonesia. At Azmi & Associates, we strongly believe in training young and aspiring lawyers in order to help them achieve their potential. We do so by giving them insights into real world issues and practical life guidance as we believe that these suitably supplements their learnings in university.

The visit was split in into three sessions, the first sessions led by our Senior Partner, who gave insights on the workings of the global market beyond the legal sector.

The second and third sessions were held by our Partner, Norhisham Abd Bahrin and our Senior Associate, Hassan Shah.

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