Wan Nurul Nadia Wan Yusoff

Wan Nurul Nadia Wan Yusoff graduated from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), where she earned a double degree in Laws (LLB) and Shariah Laws (LLBS).

Before she begins her chambering period, she successfully completed a law attachment program at Messrs Irka Rekhan & Aizuddin, where she gained valuable hands-on experience in the legal field. Her responsibilities included conducting legal research, managing and organizing case files, collaborating with senior lawyers to construct legal arguments, and drafting cause papers.

Throughout her academic journey, Ms. Nadia was actively involved in various leadership roles. She served as the Secretary for a volunteer mission to Sabah and held the position of Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the Asian Law Students’ Association IIUM Local Chapter (ALSA IIUM). She was also entrusted with the responsibility of leading the Grassroot Strategic Team for the Public Relations Office of the IIUM Student Union (IIUMSU) where she focused on engaging with IIUMSU stakeholders at the grassroots level.

Her Master is our Partner, Syed Muhammad Ridza Syed Abdullah. She is based in our JB Office.


Wan Nurul Nadia Wan Yusoff

Trainee Solicitor

Direct Line:
+607 224 5000 


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