Wan Nur Dania Afrina Wan Fauzie

Wan Nur Dania Afrina Wan Fauzie graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with a LL.B (Hons) in 2019 and a LL.BS (Hons) in 2020.

She joined Azmi & Associates in October 2020 to undertake pupillage under the tutelage of En. Mohd Sallahudin Abdullah in corporate and conveyancing matters. She was later called to the Malaysian Bar and admitted to the roll of Advocates and Solicitors in December 2021.

Some of Dania’s most notable assignments include:-

⊕ Assisted a private limited company in drafting a due diligence report for a restructure of shareholding;

⊕ Assisted a public listed company in financial services and its subsidiaries in a project forensic;

⊕ Assisted an Abu Dhabi-based holding company in financial services in drafting and reviewing Shareholders’ Agreement and Pre-Emptive Rights Sale Agreement;

⊕ Assisted an intellectual property agency in drafting and reviewing Chilled Water Supply Agreement and Vehicle Parking Agreement;

⊕ Assisted a Malaysian airport company in drafting and reviewing Development Agreement and Land Lease Agreement;

⊕ Assisted a public listed company and one of Malaysia’s leading property developers in legal services for a housing project;

⊕ Assisted a property development and energy services company in drafting Joint Venture Agreements and Sale and Purchase Agreements of several lands;

⊕ Assisted one of the largest fund management companies in Malaysia in a perfection of transfer exercise for approximately 100 housing units.

⊕ Assisted a real estate investment holding company in drafting and reviewing a number of Tenancy Agreements for three (3) shopping centres in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor;

⊕ Assisted a public listed company in conducting a due diligence exercise for approximately 3000 sublessees of lands; and

⊕ Assisted a public listed electricity company in legal and advisory services for a transfer of 132 pieces of land.

Dania is currently attached to the Projects Practice Group under the supervision of our Partners, Zuhaidi Mohd Shahari and Sallahudin Abdullah.


Wan Nur Dania Afrina Wan Fauzie


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