Rizq Nurrqausar R M Bakri

Rizq Nurrqausar R M Bakri graduated from University of Malaya (UM) with a LL.B (Hons) in October 2020.

Throughout her studies, she has been actively involved in various national and international events and activities throughout four years of law school, particularly in Clinical Legal Education (CLE) programme – an experiential-based learning, promoting the spirit of Pro Bono. She was the Director of Community Outreach Programme (COP) UM, preceding from holding the Secretary position a year before where she had the opportunity to engage with marginalised community i.e., street children, stateless children and children who are in conflict with the law through various institutions such as the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) Malaysia and Yayasan Chow Kit.

She was also a student advisor under the UM Legal Aid Clinic (KBGUM) and subsequently selected for an internship programme with the Jabatan Bantuan Guaman, Selangor (JBG) – a collaboration between the KBGUM and JBG. Following her active contribution in the CLE programme, she was chosen to represent UM to international conferences such as Asia Pro Bono Conference 2017, 10th Global Alliance Justice Education 2019 and Regional CLE Mock Trial 2019. Subsequently, she was chosen as the December 2019 Person-of-the-Month by the University of Malaya Law Review (UMLR) for her active engagement with the community.

Her passion revolves around anything that promotes her growth as a person generally, and a young member of the fraternity specifically. As a pupil, she is looking forward to exploring the exquisiteness of the fraternity be in from the realm of corporate sphere or litigation division.

She is currently part of the Litigation & Arbitration Practice Group 3 (LAPG 3) under the supervision of our Partner, Abu Daud Abd Rahim.


Rizq Nurrqausar R M Bakri


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