Nurin Izzati Haron

Nurin Izzati Haron graduated from the University of Malaya (UM) with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) in 2023.

As a recent law graduate, she stands at the intersection of knowledge, passion, and a profound commitment to justice. Throughout her academic years, she immersed herself in diverse legal subjects comprised of substantial and procedural law. This comprehensive education has honed her analytical and research skills, allowing her to navigate complex legal issues with confidence.

She actively engaged in various extracurricular activities, including leadership roles in student organizations namely, Treasurer and Multimedia officer of the Law Faculty Islamic Student Association, Welfare Officer of the University of Malaya Young Leaders, Secretary of Mooting Club, and a few other leadership roles. These experiences have equipped and nurtured her with effective team management, communication, and negotiation skills which reinforced her belief in the value of a strong leadership role within the legal profession and prepared her to excel in diverse settings.

Additionally, her internship at Azmi & Associates, a prominent law firm known for its excellence, provided her with an unparalleled opportunity to work on a wide range of legal matters. She handled cases in litigation, corporate, and various other practice areas. Her passion for litigation ignited when she was given the chance to be a supervising solicitor during her internship journey. The art of crafting persuasive legal arguments and the thrill of representing clients resonates with her deeply. These experiences provided her with a holistic view of the legal profession and the ethical considerations that underpin it.

She is eager to embark on a legal career where she can leverage her skills and enthusiasm to make a meaningful impact in the legal arena, particularly in the realms of litigation and corporate law. She is also ready to venture into other aspects of law practice.

Her Master is our Partner, Puan Wan Nor Nadia W. Ramli.


Nurin Izzati Haron

Trainee Solicitor

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