Nur Athirah Fitri Mohd Riffin

Nur Athirah Fitri Mohd Riffin graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with a LL.B (Hons) in 2019 and LL.B (Shariah) in 2020. She has undergone an internship with Messrs. Salman, Apandi, Mizi & Azmi in June 2017 until September 2017. Throughout the tenure of her internship, she has explored mainly to conveyancing matters, where she was trained to liaise matters with clients, banks and developers as well as preparing documents in relation to conveyancing.

She was also an active student participating in talks and seminars organized by IIUM and had also involved herself in Law Student’s Society as the treasurer of the bureau. She also involved herself in extra cocurricular activity as a member of Sukarelawan Siswa Siswi, under the PDRM and was commissioned as Inspector SP in 2018.

She has passion in Islamic Banking, Corporate and Conveyancing.  She is currently undergoing her pupilage and her master is our Partner, Mr. Jonathan Law.


Nur Athirah Fitri Mohd Riffin

Senior Associate 2

Direct Line:
+ 603 2118 5081

Mobile Phone:
+ 6010 669 5326


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