Lim Meng Hui

Lim Meng Hui graduated from Cardiff University with a LL.B (Hons) First Class Honour in 2018 and have completed the CLP examination in 2019. Pursuing law has changed she perspective towards everything as it allows her to think out of the box and to look at things from a different angle. This is because, what seems to be wrong might actually be right in a way.

She previously worked in Messrs. Thomas Philip as an intern. During the tenure of her internship, She has explored mainly litigation work where she was trained to carry out research tasks and to observe court proceedings. In addition, she had also gotten the opportunity to do pro bono work in Duncan Lewis Solicitors back in Cardiff where she get to go through the asylum files and to help the refugees. These opportunities gave her a glimpse on how her career will be in the near future. Although they were only for a short period of time, it made her realised that her choice of pursuing law was right.

She is currently undergoing her pupilage and her master is our Co- Deputy Managing  Partner, Serina binti Abdul Samad .


Lim Meng Hui

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