Fatin Razanah Rezduan

Fatin Razanah Rezduan graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia with a 1st class LL.B (Hons) in March 2021.

She had previously completed her Law Attachment Program (Internship) at Messrs Rashid Zulkifli for three months in which she had the opportunity to learn more on the law regarding corporate, contractual and employment matters – specifically with regards to breach of confidentiality and minority oppression. She has also experienced proper ways of conducting client consultation as her supervisor, En. Zulkifli, allowed her to attend meetings with clients in order to observe in detail on how to deal with various types of clients.

Furthermore, she was the first woman to have become the President of a Japanese martial arts club in her university called the IIUM Aikido Club for two years. Throughout her tenure, she handled various international programmes including an exchange training with Aikido practitioners from Singapore and Indonesia. She was also involved with student facilitator programs under the Student Facilitating Front Club as well as becoming the committee for 3 years in the International Debate Competition which was held by the university every year. Besides, she was also the Director for Mock Trial (GHAIB-2016) and (KESAL-2019).

She is now part of the Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Practice Group under the supervision of our Senior Associate, Mohammad Ashraf Mohamed Sopiee.


Fatin Razanah Rezduan


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