Khairul Fikry Jamaludin

Khairul Fikry Jamaludin graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) with a LL.B (Hons) in 2017 and LL.B_S (Hons) (Shariah) in 2018. He will be graduating with First Class of Master of Islamic Banking & Finance (MIBF). Fikry was consistently received awards as the holder of Dean’s List Awards for several semesters during his Master study.

Fikry has undergone a special training organized by Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) under Securities Commission (SC) in 2019. Throughout the period of his training, he was exposed to fundamental knowledge of Islamic Capital Market (ICM) and Islamic Banking & Finance.  During the period of his study in IIUM, he had actively participated in events organized by IIUM among others being a Program Manager of National Client Consultation Competition (2015), IIUM Lex Sports Carnival (AIKOLFEST 2015), and Ahmad Ibrahim Client Consultation Competition (2016).

He is currently undergoing her pupilage and his master is our Managing Partner, Mr. Ahmad Lutfi B. Abdull Mutalip


Khairul Fikry Jamaludin
Trainee Solicitor

Direct Line:
+ 603 2118 5063

Mobile Phone:
+ 6011 3250 5345


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