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Malaysia’s A-List Lawyers

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To be at the top of the leagues in Malaysia’s legal industry a lawyer must have the utmost professionalism and deliver services which go above and beyond the norm. The Asia Business Law Journal recently conducted extensive research to bring recognition to professionals who have been spotlighted as the nation’s A-List lawyers bringing forth with them accolades aplenty.

Individuals who have excelled in their field of practice include leading practitioners in Malaysia. Personalities like Tan Sri Dato’ Cecil Abraham (Cecil Abraham & Partners), Dato Loh Siew Cheang (Chooi & Company + Cheang & Ariff), Dato Seri Dr Nik Nordzrul Nik Thani (Zaid Ibrahim & Co), Janet LH Looi (Skrine) are naturally included in the list. Our very own Senior Partner, Dato’ Azmi Mohd Ali was also included in the list amongst the trailblazing professionals across Malaysia’s legal industry.

Not to be overlooked, Malaysia’s A-List lawyers includes the ranks of many prominent influential women who have made their mark upon the legal field in Malaysia with their expertise in various legal sectors, this includes the likes of; Loh Mei Mei (Zul Rafique & Partners), Karen Abraham (Shearn Delamore & Co), Chee Lee Won (Rahmat Lim & Partners, and several prominent female figures in the nations legal industry.

Malaysia boasts a rich and diverse range of industries and economic wealth in South East Asia, with some of the largest and most affluent industries being; electronics, automotive, Oil & Gas, and construction. As such there is an ever-growing need for clients to seek out legal professionals who are in a league of their own and those to have extensive and diverse knowledge of their area of practice.

The lawyers listed below – just to name a few – have been held to be the foremost leading legal professionals within the various sectors stated and have undergone a rigorous selection process by the Asia Business Law Journal to be included in the ranks of A-List Lawyers within Malaysia.