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Practical Training on Becoming Lawyers / In-House Counsels Par-Excellence

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On 13 March 2019, the Firm’s Senior Partner, Dato’ Azmi Mohd Ali, conducted a whole-day talk on “A Practical Training: Becoming Lawyers/In-House Counsels Par-Excellence” (“Workshop”) in Kuala Lumpur. The Workshop was aimed at young lawyers and in-house counsels seeking to improve their practical skills and to further deepen their knowledge into corporate and commercial law.

The Workshop was attended by 18 participants including those from a financial regulator, a diversified property, infrastructure group and fund management company, as well as lawyers from private law firms, just to name a few. The Workshop was composed of six sessions with break sessions interspersed in between, with each session varying in length from one hour to one hour and thirty minutes.

Through the Workshop, participants were able to develop a deeper and more practical understanding of lawyering skills that are not possible to be picked up through tertiary education alone, such as an understanding of the basics of what being a corporate lawyer or in-house counsel entails. In addition, participants were also able to learn the seven qualities of successful lawyers and how to apply such qualities to themselves as well as how to tailor their legal knowledge to be applicable in business.

Furthermore, participants were also able to get practical insight into the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts. Additionally, as a result of the Workshop, the participants were also able to acknowledge the changes in technology and consequently adapt to improve their marketability to clients and employers. Throughout the Workshop, Dato’ Azmi shared plenty of his life experiences, anecdotes, as well as case studies, involving matters past and present.

Indeed, Dato’ Azmi emphasized on the importance of lawyers and in-house counsels adding value to their services, with such values to be communicated to the client in measurable ways; after all work must not only be done, but must also be seen as being done.

Moreover, Dato’ Azmi also stressed on always providing legal solutions from a business perspective; basically the objectives of negotiation and/or litigation are to be achieved via the most economical means available. In the negotiation and drafting of agreements especially, Dato’ Azmi highlighted the importance of coaching the client’s technical and commercial team on the legal aspects so that the interests of the client can best be achieved and safeguarded.

Lastly, Dato’ Azmi also imparted on the participants the need to always move up the pyramid, regardless of the direction the participants choose to take in relation to their respective careers; seeing as the legal profession, both practice and in-house, is fast becoming a saturated market, it would be wise to compete at the top so that one may best stand out from the competition.

The participants also took the opportunity, especially during the break sessions, to expand their network as well as to get a general understanding of the duties and job scope of their fellow participants, especially those who are from different firms, bodies, or companies.